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Client Testimonials


For years I suffered with debilitating anxiety. I tried many methods to fight it, but I never seemed to be able to stop the spiraling anxiety I would experience throughout the day. 

Suzi is a great listener with a calmness and openness about her that immediately makes talking to her very easy and comfortable. During the time we spent together, I learned how to identify the root causes of my anxiety. Then, Suzi gave me the tools I needed to address my anxiety step by step. I still use those tools today and what a difference they have made in my life!

If you are thinking about a Life Coach, Suzi is the Life Coach for you. She will help you address the problems you cannot overcome by yourself while guiding you with her caring nature. 

You won't look back!

Theresa C.  


"Tell me something good!"   Suzi always starts her sessions out with a positive!  She makes you feel comfortable from the start!

She provides you with the tools you need in your tool box  to help reach your goals and dreams. She helps you understand your “why”.

She is always approachable and responsive.  Always judgement free!

Deb P.  


I have been working with Health Coach Suzi for about a year and I am so very pleased. In that time, Suzi has helped me in my efforts to lose weight and I have been successful in losing 30 pounds. The best part is; with Suzi's guidance, I have been able to keep the weight off. Suzi is very knowledgable in her field and her manner has made a sometimes difficult weight loss process almost pleasant.


I can honestly say that anyone who has Suzi as their Health Coach is very lucky and will be very pleased - as long as they are committed to listening to her, following her advice, and honestly working with her.


Tom H.


As a 19 year old girl, I’ll be the first to say that college is hard. The social pressures of fitting in when you first arrive come fast and you’re looking to cling to whatever and whoever you can.


I’ve struggled with my self image and anxiety for as long as I can remember, but college really heightened these emotions for me. I started working with Susan in October of 2019, during my freshman year at Clemson University. I was balancing taking care of myself, school, being 600 miles from home, and a social life. Before I knew it, it all quickly caught up with me. I was headed down a dark path that I did not want to be in.


Through all the highs and lows, Susan was there for me. I owe a lot of my new self confidence and happiness to Susan. Not only did she teach me about learning to love myself no matter what, but she also continuously encourages me in our weekly phone calls. I like to say these 50 minute phone conversations are my “me” time. I lace my sneakers up, put my earbuds in, walk and talk. We start every session discussing the things that went well that week. It can be as simple as I got out of bed this morning (sometimes that’s not that simple though) or it can be something like I got an A on a project. Then we discuss whatever she has planned for us.


Something I love is being challenged. Susan does that in our phone calls. She pushes me to answer the questions that make me nervous and she challenges me to work harder and harder. She listens when I need to rant, and she helps me when I need advice on anything. Thanks to Susan, I can confidently say that I am working everyday to be the best me.

Lily H.

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