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4 Reasons Why Writing Things By Hand Works!

A few reasons why you should be journaling and writing everything down

1. It seriously increases your chances of achieving your goals. We've all set some goals during our lifetime, right? Well, in loads of studies that can be found, it's crazy to see the impact that writing them down BY HAND has in regard to attaining them. Writing them down on a regular basis reinforces them and connects your brain....

2. Because it activates both sides of the brain. When you think about your goals you are only activating the imaginative right side of your brain. But, if you write them down BY HAND now you are activating the left logic based side of the brain and that's where the planning action starts to take place. Soooo cool, right?!

3. It engages our senses on a much deeper level. When you write things down BY HAND you are engaging more senses than if you were to type them, or not write them at all. Having your senses engaged is why it is so much better for us to be outside than indoors - it deepens our senses and helps us to engage!

4. It improves memory and recall. I don't know about you but I simply can not remember everything! And time and time again when I hear or see something that I want to remember I find myself saying, "I should have written that down!" Keeping a small journal with you in case you hear or see something you want to "keep" is a great way to begin. When you are taking freehand notes on something whether its a lecture, sermon, podcast, you name it - you are forced to write down quick sentences that describe what you're trying to remember. The reason that this is important is because without you knowing, you're processing the information, summarizing it, and conceptualizing what is being said. All of which can't happen when you're typing things out or not writing at all. The memory you have of something after you've written it down on paper lasts in your mind far longer and at a much deeper level than if you hadn't. Writing BY HAND changes your brain, and as a result....your actions, far more than you may realize. So go out and get that journal and start writing!



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