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How Are You, Really?

Emotional check-ins are designed to help us slow down. Taking a few minutes throughout the day are so neccessary for our emotional health. Unfortunately we usually ignore the signs that we need to slow down and take a minute to evaluate ourselves. It's good to make it a part of our daily routine since it will help us to decipher what we may need.

When working with my Clients who are struggling with their emotions, feelings, weight, stress, autoimmunes, etc. I'll ask them to have these daily "check-ins" to see where they are and if they need to take a 5-minute break. It can be so beneficial as they pause and some deep breathing, or go for a walk outside to unwind, or to get up and stretch for some movement, or simply sit with their thoughts to gage where they are in that moment and then ask themselves what they need to do to make positive changes.

You may not always be able to change your situation immediately but being able to take a few minutes to process it and give yourself some space to heal is a step in the right direction.

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Coach Suzi



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I'm Suzi. I've been a Nurse for 30 years and I've worked in nearly every facet of the Healthcare industry. I'm using everything I've learned about traditional medicine (good and bad) to empower clients to be the best versions of themselves.

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