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One of the things I used to teach about in my wellness classes was the growing awareness of chemicals and how damaging they are to our bodies. In my research, I learned that the average baby is born with 180 different types of toxic chemicals in their body. Just recently I was looking at and they mention we may have up to 700 chemical contaminants inside of us at any given time. Staggering, right?!

Air pollutants, such as, candles, cleaning products, gasoline, aerosols. Chemicals from nearby factories. The emissions from our vehicles. What we put on our bodies – lotions, sunscreens, makeup, skin care products, deodorants, etc. And we can’t forget about the chemicals used in our food. Pesticides used on vegetables & fruits, preservatives used to help foods stay fresher, hormones in our meats and milk and the list goes on and on…. but you get the picture.

When you stop and think about all the things you do as part of your routine you can pretty much make a list of what you are exposing yourself to every day. When working with my clients we start with the basics. It can feel overwhelming but let me just say - the difference it can make- is incredible! Even if you just make a few changes, it’s worth it – and your body will thank you!

The good news is that we have a built-in system within us to help get rid of these potentially harmful contaminants. But we must keep it healthy!

Our lymphatic system helps to remove toxins & impurities from our body. Unfortunately, our lymph system can be overloaded due to the toxins, poor diet, lack of sleep, dehydration and stress. If you’re inactive, it also contributes to the system becoming sluggish. When the lymphatic system is not working properly, it impacts our immune system and if this goes on for an extended period of time - then we risk becoming compromised and inflammation can set in which can lead to autoimmune conditions. We want to make sure we keep our immune system healthy too!

Some of the ways to get your lymphatic system moving again is by improving your diet, get your rest, hydrate well, and practice deep breathing to work through stress. I encourage clients to get a lymphatic massage by someone who is trained specifically for it. Dry brushing is another excellent way to get things moving again. You can YouTube the “how to’s” on this technique. I recommend every day for two weeks and then 3- 4 times weekly. It takes 5 minutes or less.

Symptoms that you may experience from a congested lymphatic system can be:

  • bloating

  • swelling in hands and feet

  • stiffness when you wake up in the morning

  • brain fog

  • depression

  • food sensitivities

  • digestive issues

  • weakened immune system

  • quick to get colds/flu

  • allergies

  • enlarged lymph nodes

  • constipation

Benefits from keeping your Lymphatic System healthy are:

  • we can start by saying an improvement in the above symptoms!

  • prevention of varicose veins

  • improved bowel movements

  • reduce or even eliminate cellulite

  • quicker recovery time from surgery or injury

  • if you’ve had a mastectomy then less edema in your arms, chest and back

  • improved immune system

  • strengthens loose skin (from pregnancy or weight loss)

I encourage you today to take a closer look at how toxins can have an impact of your health. Awareness and knowledge are powerful – but we have to put that to action! You can do it!

- Suzi



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